Marathon Watches

Marathon is known mostly for supplying watches to the US Government, but they make a variety of watches that are available to the general public with quartz or automatic movements.

One of the best features of the watches is tritium illumination on the hands and dial. Not many watch manufacturers offer tritium due to importation regulations and expense. Unlike traditional luminous watch dials, tritium does not need to be charged to glow brightly. That half life of tritium is 12 years, so the tritium will continue to glow for many years. The tritium vials can also be replaced at a later date.

Stylistically, Marathon's watches are very simple, to the point of being spartan. Most of their watches come with a nylon or rubber strap, but some of their dive watches are available with a stainless breacelet.

The good news regarding Marathon is that their watches are priced very competitively. Their high end watches generally retail for less than $700, and their lower end watches are closer to $100.

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