Seiko Coutura Chronograph

This is the first watch review on because frankly, I'm not much of a watch person.  In fact, in the past I just relied on cell phones for my timekeeping.  However, after growing tired of digging into my pockets for a phone to check the time I decided to buy a watch. 









After much looking I ended up with a Seiko Coutura model SNA341.  I have since worn it most everyday for a year.

For those not familiar with Seiko, they are popular due to their quality and style without the high prices associated with Swiss and German watches.  Most Seiko watches are built around a quartz movement and the SNA341 is no exception. 

Being a chronographic time piece, the SNA341 has both time and seconds dials, as well as the date.  In terms of size, the case diameter of the SNA341 is 39mm and the thickness is 9mm. 

The one feature that the SNA341 has that I had to have was a sapphire crystal.  After scratching my previous watches badly over a short time, I decided that the scratch resistance of the sapphire was worth the expense.  Now having seen a year of use, the sapphire looks brand new. 

The case and bracelet however, have not fared so well.  The polished stainless steel scratches easily.  I'm sure it could be repaired but don't know if it would be worth the expense.  

In closing, Seiko makes a wide variety of quality watches that won't break the bank.  The SNA341 sells for about $200 from most retailers. 


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